We carry a wide selection of student and professional grade acrylic, oil and watercolour paints and mediums from Winsor and Newton, Liquitex, Reeves and Golden. We have a broad size range of canvases, including the very popular birch panels.
In addition, we carry palettes, palette knives, easels, coloured pencils, pastels, sketch books, calligraphy ink and much more for a variety of art projects!
We can also order in specific items for other unique projects, such as screen printing or drafting, from our many suppliers!


Winsor & Newton

Winsor and NewtonFounded in 1832, Winsor & Newton is the worlds leading artists colour brand, built on a reputation of quality and reliability, combined with continual product development, improvement, and innovation. [Visit Website]



Founded in 1766, Reeves is now one of the worlds fastest growing major brands of colour. In North America, Reeves is the reference in the field of educational art materials, offering value sets, colour products, and innovative gift solutions for children, beginners, and professional artists. [Visit Website]



For over 50 years, Liquitex® has remained on the forefront of innovation as the #1 acrylic in the world. Liquitex® is the only brand to offer a diverse range of professional products including three distinctly different professional bodies of acrylic color, professional acrylic ink, innovative mediums, and BASICS®, the world's leading value series acrylic color. [Visit Website]


Golden Artist Colors

Golden strives to meet the demands of professional artists and collaborates with scientists to pursue the highest quality standards for all Golden products. [Visit Website]