Aura Waterborne Interior PaintAura is your best choice when you want the ultimate in performance and colour vitality. It has Colour Lock technology for richer and truer colour, extreme hide for covering dark colours and imperfections, and self levelling finish. It's great for high traffic areas, like entrances, living rooms and kitchens. [More Info]


Aura Bath & Spa

Aura Bath & SpaAura Bath & Spa comes in a luxurious matte finish that repels moisture and resists mildew; a great option for humid areas in the house. It has the same colour lock technology as the Aura interior paint, for richer truer colours. [More Info]



NaturaNatura is a safer option that is still durable. Natura has zero VOC's and low total emissions. It is great for nurseries, kids rooms or overall for those with sensitivities. [More Info]


Regal Select

Regal SelectRegal Select is a great choice if you want cutting-edge technology in a trusted quality paint. Regal Select is high hiding, outstanding in durability and washability and mildew and fade resistant. A great mid-grade paint for all areas of your home! [More Info]



ben Waterborne Interior Paintben is a great product for your first apartment or home because you get Benjamin Moore quality for a great, low price. Low in VOC's and easy to apply makes it a great introductory paint for bedrooms, halls and dining rooms. [More Info]



AdvanceAdvance is an amazing water-based paint that acts like a traditional oil. Great finish for furniture, trim, doors and cabinets. It has an extended open time compared to other water-based paints, allowing it to level for an incredibly smooth finish. Cleans up with soap and water! [More Info]


Ceiling Paint

Ceiling PaintBenjamin Moore's Waterborne Ceiling Paint is great if you want a totally flat ceiling to enhance your beautiful wall colours. With minimal spatter, ultra-flat finish and unlimited colour selection, the choice for ceilings is easy! [More Info]


Wood Finishes

Wood FinishesPaint isn't the only coating that can enhance the appearance of your home. Come in and browse the wide variety of clear finishes and wood stains by Benjamin Moore, Minwax and Sansin.
Check out Sansin's How-to videos HERE.